Quality workmanship at the best prices.

Testimonial 1

I was sent up to Carl's about twenty-five years ago: a family friend had a good laugh because a local oil change shop had taken me for a ride changing a fluid that did not need changing. He suggested that I take my car up the street to Carl's and I have taken my cars there ever since. This shop is a family run operation and they will give you the straight story about what has to been done to fix your car.

From my clunkers up to my dream car, I trust the service and expertise this shop offers. It is my first choice for any car repair they can handle. When my son's truck was in a very dangerous accident from one of its tires flying off in the fast lane of a construction zone during rush hour traffic, my son drove off on a stub but he was still alive! I wanted that truck totaled, but the insurance company had something else in mind.

Bruce fixed my son's truck to make it look like new again. More important, he thought of the safety issues that were paramount on my mind and suggested my son put stock size tires back on the truck to prevent the wheels from flying off. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Bruce and his family-run business for keeping my family safe. No amount of money in the world can replace the safety of my family. I highly recommend this business. - Linnea Mullins, Cotati resident for 25 years

Testimonial 2

When our 17 year old grandson from Michigan came to California to live with us, our own children were long gone so we had been out of the need for any Auto Body work. His first day here he crashed our car. We took it to the local familiar name repair shop and they quoted us $3,000.00. This was a terrible amount to have to pay on day one of our grandson's year here.

We took the car for a second estimate at Carl's Body Shop but did not tell them of the first estimate. They looked it over and analyzed each piece of the job and came up with an estimate of $1500.00. We were thrilled. Then came the work! It was perfect. You could not tell there was ever a dent! Carl's made us whole again. We have taken every Auto Body job since then to Carl's Body Shop and they always loan us a car and get our damaged car back to normal at a reasonable cost. They are also active Rotarians doing amazing community service work. We love you Carl's! - Steve and Mary Graves, Santa Rosa, CA

Quality workmanship at the best prices.

Testimonial 3

I have been going to Carl's for 15 years because he does fantastic work and is the the best paint man in the business. They work hard to negotiate with the insurance adjusters to make sure everything is done right for all their customers. They will not cut corners just to get the job: They Do It Right! I recommend Bruce to everyone that asks me who I use to have my body work done. Thank you for your great work! - Rich & Glenda Lucchesi

Testimonial 4

My name is Edward Blanco. I am a collector of cars and motorcycles. Carl's Body Shop has worked on 2 of my cars. The first was my 1984 Toyota 4x4 Pickup Truck "Yoda." I've owned the truck since new and it had over 200,000 miles on it when I brought it in. I had recently had installed a rebuilt long block engine, a used inspected 5-speed transmission, a new CD player and had my seats re-upholstered.

I had a collision with a steel gore point crash-cushion during a rain storm at the San Rafael Richmond Bridge Toll Plaza. I had my truck towed home. I drove my truck to a friend's body shop in Rohnert Park. The owner of the shop advised me that the truck was totaled and for me not to waste my money repairing the truck. Not only was the right front fender and inner apron damaged, but the frame was bent. The non-insurance estimate was well in excess of $4,000.00. I couldn't believe my ears.

I didn't want to part with my truck so I brought it to Bruce at Carl's Body Shop for a "second opinion." Bruce inspected the truck and told me he could repair the truck frame and all. I went parts hunting for the right front fender, apron, plastic grill parts, headlights ect. Bruce used his frame rack to pull the bent frame back into position. He welded the apron in place and mounted the fender and grill pieces. I only had to pay for labor since I provided the parts. His labor charge was fair and reasonable. His turn-around time was excellent. In fact I'm not positive but I truly believe he had more time in the job then I was charged for. Needless to say I'm very happy with the service from Carl's Body Shop. - Edward Blanco.

Quality workmanship at the best prices.

Testimonial 5

I have lived in this area for 45 years and Carl's Body Shop was unknown to me until today. I shopped around prior to coming in (I'm a very frugal old man) and they offered me a deal I could not turn down. Carl and his family have been in business here for decades and the whole family is gregarious, professional, and very accommodating. If they can fix it, and it is what you need, do yourself a favor, and try them out. You will be back! - Charles Christian U.S. State Dept., Ret.