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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Do I have the choice to choose the auto body shop that I want to go to for my auto body repairs?

    It’s YOUR CAR – YOUR CHOICE! Yes, you ALWAYS have the right to choose the auto body repair shop that you prefer.

    2Do I have to get multiple collision repair estimates?

    No. Pick the shop you want to repair your vehicle and ask them to write the estimate. You will not need to get another one unless the insurance company paying for the repair also wants to write an estimate.

    3The insurance company told me they won’t warranty the repairs if I don’t go to their preferred shop is this true?

    This is not true, all reputable shops warranty their own repairs. This is just a way for the insurance to push you to their discounted shop, which is not always to you best interest.

    4I was not at fault in the accident. Should I file a claim with my insurance company or the other driver's company?

    If the other person's insurance company admits fault and is willing to pay for the repair, it is usually better for you to collect from them. In this case you will not have to pay a deductible and should be supplied with a rental vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired. Discuss this with your insurance agent before making a final decision.

    5What if damage is found during the repair that is not on the original estimate? This is very common. The body shop will contact the insurance company and obtain authorization to pay for all supplemental damages.

    This is very common. The body shop will contact the insurance company and obtain authorization to pay for all supplemental damages.

    6I'm not sure my vehicle is safe to drive after the accident. What should I do?

    If in doubt, don't drive it. Have it towed to a collision repair shop or if you have not yet determined who you want to perform the repairs, have it towed to your residence until that decision is made. Additional damage caused by driving a vehicle after an accident is usually not covered as part of the original loss.

    7Will my new car warranty be voided if I choose an independent collision repair shop?

    No. You are protected by law in this area. There may be certain portions of your vehicle that now fall under the independent body shop's warranty, however, the dealer cannot void your entire warranty just because they were not allowed to perform the repair work.

    8When is my deductible due?

    Your deductible will be paid to the auto body shop when your repairs are completed.

    9Will my rates go up if I turn in a claim?

    Any questions regarding potential rate increases should be directed to your insurance agent. This can vary depending on who was at fault, the circumstances of the loss, and your insurance policy.

    10Will I have to pay for towing?

    The cost of towing, when necessary as the result of an accident, is usually covered as part of the loss. The body shop will include this expense in the estimate that is submitted to the insurance company.

    11My frame is bent. Does that mean my vehicle can't be fixed?

    No. Frame damage is common and modern equipment and repair techniques allow collision repair